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Jim Muller

I lead an amazing team of individuals and oversee every aspect of this great community bank. Think of me as the BOAT – Boss of All Things! I’m inspired by knowing that our small, locally owned bank helps so many people and small businesses achieve their financial goals!

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Lisa Sparks

Lisa Sparks Portrait

My job is to make sure the Bank never runs out of lollypops and cash. In all seriousness, I manage the deposit operations side of the Bank and make sure that our staff are always ready and able to help our customers. It inspires me to hear how wonderful our employees are and how we are able to assist our customers with their banking needs.

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Cassie Alexander

I work with individuals and businesses to help finance their dreams and goals. Whether it be starting a new business, expanding, or building a new home, getting to share in the dream with my customers and helping it become a reality is the most inspiring part of my work.

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Ramona Wagner

Ramona Wagner portrait

I work with loan customers to understand their financial needs and how we can help. This may be purchasing a new boat, car, or getting extra spending money for Christmas. Customer satisfaction is what inspires me. There is nothing better than knowing my customers can depend on me for their financial needs.

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Cindy Mancuso

I am the loan arranger! My silver bullet is helping people secure financing when they need a car to drive or a roof over their head. I am inspired by the excitement on someone’s face when their loan request is approved.

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Ken Perry

I build relationships with farmers and ranchers, working with them to understand their operations and help them get from production to profits. Around here I am affectionately known as the ODIC; Old Dude in the Corner! I also am known for the advice I can help give from my many years of experience in the industry. The relationships that have been built with my co-workers and my customers inspire me every day.

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Rebecca Fraley, CPA

Rebecca Fraley Portrait

I am the dotter of I’s and crosser of T’s, making sure we stay on track, on time, and comply with all the rules and regulations that come with being in the financial institution industry. I am most inspired by getting to work with an amazing group of people who are dedicated to and passionate about helping people meet their financial goals.

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Taryn Hight

Taryn Hight - Mortgage Loan Officer portrait

I work with people to achieve the dream of home ownership. The mortgage process can be challenging and impersonal, and I offer exceptional personalized service from start to finish.  Helping people is the most inspiring part of my job.

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Chris Dahl

Chris Dahl Portrait

I make sure the computers are running, the lights are on, and systems are ready, 24/7. This means I work in the background keeping our equipment functioning and the Bank’s information secure. The quiet days are the inspiring days! If it is quiet for me, then everything is working. I am like the doctor; if no one calls me it’s because everything is working great!

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